Magic Buttons, Kindness Stars

Following our previous pleasure experiences avoiding exorbitant costs of printing promotional gifts which are mainly ineffective and useless for society and our nature, we intend to make our goals and social responsibilities more effective and efficient with your collaborate. For this purpose, we have provided the necessary conditions for participation of all our compatriots including individuals and organizations to join this community by means of a button. By joining in Hope Star Button, you can help a large number of charities including 'Charity Foundation for Special Diseases', 'NikAfarinan –e Ghadir' and 'Vardavard Charity' and all together with smiling lips and hearts can welcome spring 1395.
To participate in this humanitarian action, just go to the site and buy greeting cards to any number you wish. Packs of cards designed to help directly to mentioned charities. By purchasing any of packages, the amount of your choice will be shared between the institutions.
In addition to the virtual package, you can get a real greeting card too. Each of cards decorated with artworks of Iranian contemporary artist and by sending them to any of your friends and relatives, you can aware them of the scheme out. In this package you will receive a button named 'Jan Button' to install on your cloth as a sign of participation in this scheme.
List of participated agencies, the total amount collected and relevant news is constantly updated in website. At the end of the project, the news of donation details will be announced to all compatriots.
We believe in subtlety feeling of our compatriots and the foresight capability of Iranian managers and we are sure that by your participation, we will held this Norouz differently.