IPS7, the Most Recent LG Monitors

The IPS7 modern series have special capabilities such as Mobile High-Definition Connection by which user can connect portable devices such as smart phones and tablets to the monitor and transfer the data easily.
By this efficient technology, transferring the images and displaying them in a big dimension will be very enjoyable.
Wide 178 degree viewing angle, very natural colors, 1080x1920 dpi high resolution and displaying high motion pictures without any blur problem are the other advantages of IPS7 monitors.
Because of color calibration, simulation and reproduction of colors will be executed exactly and this makes monitors very suitable for professional photographers and graphics.
The metallic base and touch keys has made their design very modern.
During next months, LG IPS7 monitors will be distributed in vast numbers.
Maadiran is the exclusive producer and distributer of LG monitors in Iran market.